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There are many programs for quantitative analysis on the market. As well there are many very good website dedicated to this subject. Hence, we do not list any statistical software on this site. We rather recommend that you navigate to the offered links down here under Links Quantitative.

The few listed programs here do rather offer statistical options than being a statistical software itself.

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SymphonyQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisWinCommercialDetalles
DedooseQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisWebCommercialDetalles
DiscoverTextText ProcessingQuantitative Data AnalysisWebFreeDetalles
QualrusQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisWinCommercialDetalles
LeximancerText ProcessingQuantitative Data AnalysisLin, Mac, Unix, Web, WinCommercialDetalles
MAXQDAQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisMac, WinCommercialDetalles
QDAminerQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisWinCommercialDetalles
NvivoQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisWinCommercialDetalles
HyperResearchQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisMac, WinCommercialDetalles
RQDAQDAQuantitative Data AnalysisLin, Mac, WinOpen SourceDetalles
TextQuestText ProcessingQuantitative Data AnalysisMac, WinCommercialDetalles
qdapText ProcessingLin, Mac, Unix, WinOpen SourceDetalles
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Links Quantitative