Motivation and propaganda

If you like the service of this website then I am always happy to receive motivating comments and Emails.. Further, I would be really glad if you could spread the word about the website. Tell everybody who is about to write a thesis or working on a bigger research project. Therefore you can use several logos and banner: Spread the word. Facebook is another possibility.


PayPal is an online payment system. You will need an account as some might know while using Ebay. By clicking here you can donate an amount of your choice and therewith contribute to the continuance of the site.

Server Hosting

ALL-INKL.COM - WebhostingAfter a long research on the quality of server hosting I finally chose ALL-INKL. I didn’t regret it since. It is a good value for money and the customer service is stunningly quick (Even though I just had to contact them once yet). If you are also planning to set up a website or Blog then do it by clicking on this banner here. They will give me a little percentage as gratitude.