Sociol. Research Process

The presented software programs on SoSciSo are each classified in a single phase of the social science research process. This process refers to the work of Schnell, R.; Hill, P. & Esser, E.Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung(Methods of empirical social science research), Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München, 2011 and is depicted in the following figure by light-blue rectangles with rounded corners. Some of these do not appear quite practical while classifying software. Thus, we renamed some of them. They are depicted in the yellor rectangles. These names stand for the different phases on SoSciSo. On the left of it, you will find orange rectangles with rounded corners. They represent the concrete software types. For example, in the phase data analysisyou have two different types, qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The rectangles of the different phases and of the software types are clickable and you will be directed to the database and there directly to the relating software overview. Further, I do hope, that the figure is rather self-explanatory.

Overview of software in the social science research process