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What is it all about, this website?

The Website SoSciSo lists all the different software programs supporting the social science research process in reference to the different phases of this process. On the one hand you will find the software overview which is including all the programs sortable by different criterias. On the other hand there will be regularly blog entries about different software as well as about the different phases of the research process focussing on the software usage within.

How did you came up with this idea?

I did and still do work with different software to enhance my research process as good as possible while writing different theses or participating regularly in research projects. By speaking with friends and colleagues I realized that information on this topic is still quite diffuse. Some of the software I finally discovered after a long period of research. Since I do like to share, don’t I, I wanted to contribute as well.

How much money do you make with this site?

We are not making any money in the moment. Au contraire, each month we have to happily pay the rent for the server. If you think we should make some money with it, then feel free to support me.


I would like to contribute, may I?

Well, actually I would like to take all the fame and glory for myself, but even my day only has 24h. I am happy about any help especially on case studies or new field reports on concrete software programs. About this, please refer also to the next FAQ point.

How would it look like to contribute?

– Requirement: you gathered experience (Bachelor-/Master-/Diploma-thesis, research project etc.) in using a software listed in our database
– Then, please write a field report on how you used the software in concrete, where the use of the software helped you the most etc.
– You can also have an editor account to the administration area of this website (WordPress)
– I would only proof read, add keywords and tune up search engines optimisation, translate if desired and then publish

Software Overview

How can I sort the software overview?

Under the different category headings you will find little arrows (up, down). By clicking you will sort the table respectively. Further, you can navigate in the menu under Software directly to the different phases and pre-sort the table.

Why a certain category is missing?

During research I couldn’t consider all possible categories due to time and effort limitations. Further, I am not a database administrator. It was thus quite practical and facilitating to design the database in a way where I could easily enter all programs of all phases. But you can always drop me an Email in case you have convincing arguments for a certain category.

Bugs, Errors and Suggestions

I found a content error or I have a comment – what to do?

Please drop an Email with a concrete description of the problem or with a comment to editor AT sosciso.de

I found a technical error – what to do?

Please drop an Email with a concrete description of the problem to admin AT sosciso.de