About SoSciSo

SoSciSo stands for Social Science Software or software in den social sciences. The website or blog deals with the application of software in the area of social science research. It is made for everybody acting scientifically in the field of social sciences and thus for everybody in need of help from software. This website shall help to structure and explain the use of software.

The displayed social science research process refers to the work of Schnell, R.; Hill, P. & Esser, E. Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung (Methods of empirical social science research), Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München, 2011. It can be found quite similar in the works of many other authors. The different software programs are categorised with the aid of the different phases brainstorming, literature work, data acquisition, data conversion, data analysis, and publication.

The heart of the website lies in the software overview, a database listing all the researched programs with their phase alignment. As already mentioned, these refer to the more or less ideal research process in the social sciences. Each phase can be found in the menu under software and they are sorted chronologically.

The blog entries are the ‘dynamic’ part of the website. They shall regularly extend the information of the database. By that, they especially focus on the practical side of the software, which means field and assistance reports and case studies. In addition, news about actual software versions, new software and the like can be found here.