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SoSciSo statistics november 2012

Like all the user friendly and successfull content providers on the internet we of course track our visitors big brother like on every click they make. Like always, we are mainly curious about what browser and operating system you are using as well as what else than the usual pornos and the new Scooter album you are downloading from the internet. After two months of SoSciSo we noticed the following:Statistik SoSciSo November 2012

Windows still dominates the operations on your devices. Head shaking and completely irritated we are forced to again mention that Windows is still and always was (since the 90s…) completely 90ies! There are many reasons to finally migrate.

The browser stats are much more open and friendly looking in our opinion. No matter if firefox, chrome or opera – they are all good guys and we do like them in a way a human being can like browsers. Internet Explorer is only at 11% – very nice. The not so open big game hunters from the apple tree are not getting too much of your confidence. We, as Mac-noobs can not judge this in an entire objective way.

No matter what impression we might give with this article, we are happy about every visitor on our site. Doesn’t matter if windows, linux or macintosh user – you are all welcome. We never had and never will have face or operating system controlls. Thus: for a free and open (computer) world without proprietary nonsense!