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A bit delayed though, we want to welcome everybody officially on SoSciSo . The page is still somehow under construction. There are still a few small bugs (Opera user may fogive us the not so small bug with our database). We try our best to fix the errors as soon as possible. Further, the database is not complete yet.

The database is the heart of the website. Along the social science research process all relevant software programs are listed according to the different phases. You are looking for instance for a program in qualitative data analysis? You will find it under Software > data analysis > Qualitative. Or a program for designing figures? Software > Publication > Diagrams. The database will be continuously updated. You are also welcome to participate. And we are also very happy about comments and suggestions.

How did we came up with the idea to this website? Since we find ourselves quite often somewhere in this social science research process, we are inevitably face with the question where, when and how which software might be useful. Since a while we are using Atlas.ti, JabRef, Latex, DIA, yED, F4, Dropbox or Google Scholar in our daily research projects. And since we often noticed that such knowledge about using such software is not evident, we would like to help others with this website.

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